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DLT Hydraulic Gantries
Our hydraulic gantries are designed for maximum stability and safety in operation. They have a minimum factor of safety against overturning of 1.5 at full extension (maximum 66% tipping) with a 5% side load applied at the top of the ram and a 1% track slope applied at the base.
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We have four sizes available:
  • 200 MT capacity per 4 leg system (DL-TLG200)
  • 400 MT capacity per 4 leg system (DL-TLG400)
  • 600 MT capacity per 4 leg system (DL-TLG600)
  • 1200 MT capacity per 4 leg system (DL-TLG1200)
Each system is supplied with high capacity cross beams, full capacity side shift units and a central wireless control system. We also include a power distribution cabinet with 50m power cables to each leg unit, and a second central control system as standard.
The main features of our hydraulic gantries are as follows:
  • Telescopic ram designed for regular use with 5% side load at full extension.
  • Hydraulic direct drive to the wheels for smooth start/stop
  • Expandable base width for maximum stability
  • Fully welded base frame for maximum rigidity under side load
  • Constant extend and retract speeds, regardless of ram stage, allowing the units to be supported at different heights
  • Chain drive used for secure cross travel, designed to stop runaway of the load with a cross beam slope of up to 15%
  • Transport in standard open top shipping containers
  • Wireless central control, with manual back up at each unit.  Stroke/pressure sensors and comprehensive overload safety features
  • Foldable ram for transport with hydraulic turning system.

Summary of maximum DLT-TLG lifting capacities, allowing for 5% side load and 1% track slope, with a minimum factor of safety against overturning of 1.5 (66% tipping):
Model Ram Stage Maximum Height to top of the ram Maximum Load to top of each ram
Meters Tonnes
TLG-200 Stage - 1 5.325 50
Stage - 2 7.325 50
TLG-400 Stage - 1 5.997 100
Stage - 2 7.997 100
Stage - 3 9.497 70
TLG-600 Stage - 1 5.695 150
Stage - 2 7.695 150
Stage - 3 9.295 100
TLG-1200 Stage - 1 7.600 300
Stage - 2 10.400 195
Stage - 3 12.600 118

Standard head beam capacities »

DL-TLG400 system during 125% load test

DL-TLG hydraulic gantry DL-TLG400 system during operation