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DLT Self Propelled Transporters
DLT self propelled transporters are custom designed for the specific requirements of each project, with careful consideration given to the support requirements of the load and the effect of the transporter tyre loads onto the supporting surface below. A typical application is to transport heavy precast concrete bridge deck beams from a casting yard to the final erection location, travelling over a mix of compacted ground, ramps and the previously erected bridge deck. We are able to design and supply self propelled transporters to move any type of heavy load, with pay load capacities per 4-tyre axle line ranging from 20 tonnes up to 130 tonnes.

Our transporters comprise a strong steel frame supported on an array of hydraulically linked suspension points. Each suspension point has two tyres mounted on a steerable linkage arm with hydraulically controlled height adjustment. This arrangement allows the concentrated loads from the object being transported to be evenly distributed along any number of axle lines and for all the tyres to remain in good contact with the ground at all times, even when travelling over uneven surfaces. Each suspension point can be independently steered to allow the transporter to move in any direction and around any plan curve.

Our self propelled transporters are frequently designed to work in conjunction with our bridge deck erection gantries.
Each transporter is supplied with a diesel engine driven power unit which provides all the hydraulic and electrical power needed. The wheels are driven using hydraulic motors mounted within the wheel hubs and a separate fail safe mechanical braking system is also fitted. The driver can sit in a cab mounted on the transporter, or can walk alongside using a radio control unit. Multiple transporters can be centrally controlled and synchronised.

The main features of DLT self propelled transporters are as follows :
  • Capacities from 100 tonnes to 3000 tonnes per transporter
  • Pay load capacity up to 130 tonnes per axle line (4 tyres)
  • Travelling speed up to 10 km/hr fully loaded and up 5% slope
  • Hydraulically adjustable deck height
  • Fully steerable in all directions
  • Designed and manufactured to European standards
  • Driver can sit in a mounted cab or walk along side using a wireless controller
  • Synchronised operation of multiple transporters
  • Continuous working at full load in temperatures from -40 to +50 deg C
  • Low ground bearing pressure
16 Axle line transporter carrying a 900 tonne precast concrete bridge beam supported at each end, with the load distributed evenly over the erected bridge deck.
2 x 20 axle line transporters carrying a 500 tonne test weight during function tests in the factory, for the Riyadh Metro project. Riyadh Metro Project DL-TLC500 transporter
1000 tonne capacity transporter for the New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project in Canada. New Champlain Bridge casting yard transporter
20 axle transporter with driven turntable supports under each end of the concrete beam being carried, for the Riyadh Metro project. Riyadh Metro Project DL-TLC500 transporter