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Container Crane erection using strand jacks
DLT have supplied and operated strand jack systems for the erection, modification and relocation of various container cranes. These container cranes are designed to be used for quick loading and unloading of containers. Strand jacks provide a compact and cost effective solution for container crane erection / assembly.

We can supply various capacities of DLT strand jacks for handling container cranes to suit the project requirement. A few of the projects involving the use of a DLT strand jack system for container crane handling:
Erection of a container crane using 8 x DL-S185 computer controlled strand jack system for vertical lifting and lowering, and 4 x DL-S62 strand jacks as guy jacks by Sarens India at Pipavav Port in the state of Gujarat, India. Consisting of 9 No container cranes, which were loaded out to Turkey after erection. A pair of DL-S185 strand jacks with a complete jack carriage was assembled at ground level on a stool. Four such pairs were then lifted to the top of the 4 No 40m high vertical towers by a mobile crane. These strand jacks were used to lift preassembled crane boom section weighing up to 1000 MT.
8 x DL-S185 strand jacks and guy wires...container_crane_2
DL-S62 strand jack, used as a guy jack...container_carne_3
Lifting of 810te container crane section at Gujarat, India...Container_crane_4
Dorman Long supplied a 4 x DL-S418 strand jack system to industrial crane services based in Mississippi US for erection and modification of container cranes. To handle the increased workload along the eastern coast of USA due to the upgrade of the Panama Canal, these container cranes were built to handle larger container ships. There was a mix of lifting and lowering operations involved before these container cranes were loaded out on a barge and moved to Puerto Rico where they were re-erected using DLT strand jacks.