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DL-GP1000 offshore barge skidding system

Our DL-GP skidding systems are designed to push and pull very heavy loads in both onshore and offshore environments. They walk along a skid track using anchor plates to engage with slotted holes in the top of the skid track. The DL-GP1000 unit below can self-walk in both directions and has a push and pull capacity of 1000 tonnes. It has a hydraulic load balancing system to distribute the anchor force equally to four slotted holes to reduce the cost of the skid track. 2 No DL-GP1000 units were supplied to Nippon Steel in 2012 for use on an offshore jacket installation barge.

2 No DL-GP1000 skidding systems on a barge during self-walk test

2 No DL-GP1000 skidding systems being controlled by a single operator using DL-M central control system (only 01 No DL-GP1000 skid system is shown above)

DL-GP1000 Skidding system on a barge at offshore yard in Batam, Indonesia

DL-GP1000 Skidding system during self-walk test at shipyard in Zoushan, China

125% load test. The two DL-GP1000 units were connected together and worked against each other.