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Formosa Plastics Plant, jacking tower system for erection of heavy vessels

The Formosa Plastics petrochemical plant in Mai-Liao, Taiwan, is one of the largest refineries & chemical plants in the world. All the large vessels, weighing up to 1,557 tonnes and up to 114.5m long, have been erected using a modular jacking tower system designed and supplied by DLT Engineering. To date 58 vessels have been erected with the tower system with a combined weight of 54,000 tonnes. We have also provided site supervisors to oversee the majority of vessel lifts and have carried out vessel specific erection engineering. The jacking tower system uses up to 4 No DL-S580 strand jacks for lifting and 4 No DL-S105 strand jacks for guying and can be used in a number of configurations as shown below. The system is capable of being used without guys for the reaction of vessels up to 35 m tall and 1100 tonnes.

Erection of 77m high, 760 tonne column.
Erection of multiple 30m high, 1100 tonne reactors using unguyed jacking tower that is skidded between vessel erection positions.
Erection of 132m high, 1350 tonne column using jacking tower in ‘U-frame’ configuration in which the vessel rises above the top of the tower and passes through a U frame at the top of the towers.
Erection of a 780 tonne regenerator into the permanent support frame, with the jacking tower system mounted on the top of the frame