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Maari Field Wellhead Platform, Jacket erection, Malaysia

DLT were sub-contracted to design, supply and operate a skidding and jacking system to incrementally erect the 26m x 22m x 140m high 2800 tonne jacket structure. The jacket was erected in 8 sections, weighing up to 660 tonnes each. The bottom section was erected onto the platform base by crane and used to support the skid system and jacking tower system for erection of the top 7 sections. Starting with the top jacket section, the remaining 7 sections were lifted onto a skid track one at a time and moved into position for lifting. The sections were lifted using our DL-TS3000 Mk1 jacking tower system, in 4 tower configuration and using 8 No DL-C450 climbing jacks. As each section was lifted the next section was skidded beneath and the jacket legs welded together. The combined sections were then lifted by the tower system. This process was repeated until the top 7 sections were supported on the tower system, weighing a total of 2400 tonnes. The tower system was then used to lower the top 7 sections onto the bottom section and align the leg joints for welding. Jacket erection took place from October to December 2007 and the finished jacked was surveyed as being plumb to within 10mm at the end of our jacking operations.