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Venetian Theatre Roof Erection, Macau

The Cotai Strip development in Macau is modelled on the Las Vegas strip. Central to the development is ‘The Venetian Macau’, which contains a 3000 suite hotel, 22 restaurants, 50,000m² of gaming facilities, over 1,300,000m² of convention and meeting facilities, a 15,000 seat centre suitable for sporting events, concerts and entertainment, a 2,000 seat theatre, a health spa, and retail space.

The 900te theatre roof structure consists of 14 main trusses, each spanning approximately 56m. The ends of the steel trusses are supported on concrete corbels which cantilever out from the slender concrete walls.

DLT developed an erection method in which the roof structure is pre-assembled at ground level enabling the roof cladding and services to be installed at low level. The structure was lifted into final position in three separate lifting operations.

The first lift was for 4 trusses that cover the fly tower area of the theatre; a total weight of 400te. The second and final lifts erected 5 trusses each, completing the lower section of roof over the auditorium.

Prior to lifting each section of roof, additional temporary members were installed to ensure that stability was maintained whilst the structure was being lifted and until the permanent connections to the concrete corbels and walls were made.

The sections of roof were lifted using up to 10 No DL-C125 climbing jacks. A climbing jack was positioned at each end of each truss. The climbing bars for the jacks were clipped to a restraint tube that was temporarily connected to the face of the concrete wall. The climbing jacks were operated and monitored using our DL-P40 jacking control system.

The climbing jacks lifted against a temporary extension beam which cantilevered from the end of each truss. After each section of the roof structure was lifted into its final position, infill members were connected between the end of the truss and the permanent bearing plates previously cast in to the concrete walls. The load was then released from the climbing jacks.