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New Champlain Bridge Project, Montreal, Canada
In August 2015 DLT were awarded the contract by Main Contractor Signature On The St Lawrence Construction Group to supply a DL-MT1000 Mega Transporter and a 1000 tonne capacity 2.5m stroke jack up system for handling precast concrete sections of the New Champlain Bridge side spans. The system was delivered in February 2016. The bridge footings and piers of the side spans were precast on land and then placed into position by a floating crane. The precast footing and pier units weigh up to 1000 tonnes and are up to 11.37m high. The equipment was delivered to site and commissioned in February 2016 .

The Main Contractor needed a solution for transporting the precast units around the casting yard that would be as compact as a ground level skid system, but as fast and flexible as a self propelled modular transporter (SPMT). Standard SPMTs were considered for the project, but would be too long to turn within the narrow confines of the site. The DL-MT1000 Mega Transporter provided the perfect solution. The DL-MT1000 uses aerospace tyres to give 4 to 5 times the load carrying capacity per axle line of a conventional SPMT, and as a result is much shorter. The DL-MT1000 is controlled by an operator that walks along side the transporter using a wireless control unit. It is able to drive around a curve, drive diagonally and rotate about its centre point (carousel) at a full load speed of 1 km/hr and an unloaded speed of 3 km/hr. For this project the DL-MT1000 is supplied with an electric motor driven hydraulic power pack that is powered using a locally hired diesel generator.

The 10m x 10m x 2m thick precast footings were cast at ground level, and were then lifted using a DLT supplied synchronised jacking system (see below) so that they could be loaded onto the DL-MT1000. The jack up system used four 300 tonne capacity 2.5m stroke rams which are synchronised using our DL-P40 computer control system.

Short video demonstrating the capabilities of the transporter.
Complete footing with pier starter.
Precast cofferdam .
Precast footing being rotated using the carousel steering function.
1000 tonne full function test load.
First precast footing being moved by the transporter in March 2016....
Footing unit being lifted by the jack up system ready for loading on to the DL-MT1000 Mega Transporter....