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Olmstead Locks and Dams Project, Illinois, USA.

The Olmstead Locks and Dams project project consists of twin 110-foot wide by 1,200 foot long lock chambers located at Olmstead, Illinois, on the Ohio River. The lock chambers are constructed from heavy precast concrete units, that were cast in a yard on the shore and then handled on land using a purpose made 'super gantry' and in the water using a purpose made heavy lift catamaran barge crane. DLT were awarded the contract to design, supply and operate 2 No 12,000 tonne capacity computer controlled strand jack systems for use as the main lifting systems on both the super gantry and the catamaran barge crane. Delivery of these systems took place in early 2010 for use on site in the summer working seasons of 2010-2017. The first concrete unit was placed on the river bed on 21st August 2010, as shown in the video below. Also see Also see ENR online article»

DL-S1022 strand jacks during manufacture in early 2010.
DL-S1022 Strand Jacks
DL-S1022 strand jacks during overload testing and certification.

DL-S1022 strand jacks being assembled into the jack carriages at ground level.

..and then being lifting up onto the crane.

Super Gantry crane for handling the precast concrete units on land.

Super Gantry crane for handling the precast concrete units on land.

Catamaran barge crane for handling the precast concrete units in the river and placing them into final position on the river bed.

DL-S1022 strand jacks and containerised power packs in place on the catamaran barge crane.

Control room on the catamaran barge crane, for controlling all systems. Strand jacks, mooring lines, ballasting and GPS positioning.

DL-P40 computer control system in use on the catamaran barge crane, with wall mounted display screen for general viewing.