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Shibanpo Bridge, Chongquin, China

The Shibanpo bridge is a multi-span in-situ concrete box girder bridge with an overall length of 1104m and a main span of 330m, it also boasts the longest box girder span in the world. The central 108m of the main span was designed as a steel box girder to save weight, and was delivered to site in 3 segments - a 1325 tonne, 103m centre section and two smaller 100 tonne 2.5m long steel transition pieces that connect it to the concrete deck at either end.

DLT were awarded the deck erection sub-contract. Our scope included developing the erection concept, the temporary works design, the supply and site operation of the jacking systems, and co-ordination and control of each lift.

The main span was fabricated in Wuchang City, approximately 1000Km downstream of Chongqing on the Yangtze river. It was then sealed at both ends and towed upstream to the Bridge site. The deck section was then turned through 90 degrees using cable anchors on both riverbanks, before being connected and lifted into its final position using the DLT lifting system. The three lifts took place in May 2006.

All three deck units were erected using DLT strand jacks. 8 No DL-S418 strand jacks were required for lifting, which were mounted on purpose made lifting frames. The jacks were powered by 2 diesel operated hydraulic power packs and controlled by a single operator who monitored the lifting progress using the DL-P40 jacking control system.