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Tsing Ma Suspension bridge, Hong Kong

With a main span of 1377 m, the Tsing Ma suspension bridge in Hong Kong was the second longest bridge in the world at completion in 1997. Working for the main contractor, Anglo-Japanese Construction JV, we were responsible for erection engineering for all elements of the deck, main cables (spun) & hangers together with supply and operation of heavy lifting equipment. Our work included full geometric and stability calculations for the superstructure at all stages of construction. The steel deck was erected in pre-assembled units weighing up to 1000 tonnes by gantries mounted on the cables as shown below. Pre-assembled side span steel deck units weighing up to 1450 tonnes were assembled at ground level adjacent to the piers and then lifted vertically and skidded horizontally into final position as shown below. All deck lifting and skidding operations were carried out using strand jacks supplied by DLT.