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Westrail track slab handling gantries, Hong Kong
The Westrail project in Hong Kong extended the Hong Kong KCRC line from Kowloon out to Tuen Mun in the New territories and was mainly constructed in post tensioned concrete viaduct. Noise attenuation was a critical factor on the design of the bridge deck and in order to minimise sound generation from the track it was mounted on floating slabs (FST’s). The FST’s were laid onto rubber pads on the deck and the track then fixed to the top of them. Many thousand of FST slabs, each weighing up to 6 tonnes, needed to be efficiently delivered along the viaduct and lifted into final position. DLT were awarded the contract from CHCQ JV to design and supply two FST handling gantries that would lift the track slabs off delivery carriages, two at a time, and lay them onto final position. The gantries we developed for this task were designed to run along the derailment kerbs on rubber wheels as shown below and were powered by a diesel engine mounted at the top of the gantry. Hydraulic drive was used for both the lifting winch and long travel motors. Control of all operations was by pendant.