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Calvary convention centre roof truss lifts by strand jack

In July 2011 Victor Buyck (Malaysia) used 4 No DL-S185 strand jack to lift 2 No 200 tonne 60m long roof trusses to a height of 30m on the Calvary Convention centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2 No DL-S185 strand jacks were used at each end of the trusses, each powered by a DL-L15/2/300/E electric power pack for a lifting speed of 8.5 m/hour and centrally controlled using a DL-M4 control system. After the trusses were lifted the permanent connections at each end of the trusses were packed and bolted and the strand jacks were then used to transfer the load to these permanent connections.

In addition to supplying the strand jacks, we also offered advice on the temporary works scheme to enable Victor Buyck to get the best out of the system and provided site operators to oversee the handling and operation of the strand jack systems.