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Calvary Church Convention Centre - Angel wing opening rams

In 2012 DLT designed and supplied a purpose made system of hydraulic rams to open and close 'Angel' wings on the roof of the new Calvary Church Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Angel wings provide natural ventilation to the main hall of the convention centre when open, and comprise two wings with each wing divided into 4 sections. A total of 16 rams were supplied by DLT with strokes up to 3.7 m and safe working loads of up to 110 tonnes. Each of the 8 wing panels is held open using 2 rams, which are powered from a hydraulic power pack located between the two main ribs of the wing panel. A central control system was provided that allows the load and stroke of all 16 rams to be continuously monitored and provides automatic synchronisation during opening and closing strokes. The central control system was designed to integrate into the main building management control system.