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Thruster installation and replacement using strand jacks

DLT have supplied and operated many strand jack systems for the installation and replacement of thruster units weighing up to 50 tonnes on drilling ships and floating platforms. Strand jacks provide a compact and cost effective solution for handling heavy thruster units and we have also developed a system of modular power packs and jacks that can be taken through bulkhead doors into the thruster room . To date we have sold 11 No systems to 8 No. different clients in Europe, the Far East, USA and South America and carried out the installation or replacement of over 30 thruster units. We also carry out these projects on a rental basis for clients who prefer not to purchase the equipment.

Our client list for this work includes Stena Drilling, Jurong shipyard, Daewoo shipyard, Resource Rigging, Sea Drill, Frontier Drilling, Larsen Oil & Gas, Noble Corporation, Wartsila, Transocean and Napro Services.

10 x DL-S15 system replacing a 50 tonne thruster on a drill ship.

Stena Tay semi-submersible rig. 3 no DL-S62 strand jacks loaded on the deck for thruster replacement.

3 x DL-S15 system (45 tonnes capacity total) for use inside thruster rooms, with modular electric power pack designed to pass through bulk head doors.

3 x DL-S15 system in use inside a hull for installation of thrusters in a dry dock, Brazil.

3 x DL-S46 system in use in Daewoo shipyard, Korea .