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DLT Pinned Climbing Jacks
DLT Pinned Climbing Jacks are an ideal solution for vertical and horizontal movement of heavy loads, where a rigid and totally secure means of holding the load are required. They are securely pinned at all times to a steel climbing bar which can be mounted vertically or horizontally and rigidly transfers the jacking forces in compression or tension to an end fixing point. The climbing bar is usually fixed at intervals with a sliding connection to an adjacent steel or concrete structure such as a steel tower of a concrete bridge pier, but can also be continuously welded to a steel beam or column.

DLT Pinned Climbing jacks can be used with our standard hydraulic power packs and control systems.

Our DL-CP pinned climbing jacks vary from 60 to 1,000 tonnes safe working load per jack. Lifting speeds vary from 5 - 40 metres per hour depending on the size of hydraulic power unit used. See pages 11 & 12 of the brochure for further details. All DLT jacks and hydraulic power units can be monitored, controlled and synchronised by a single operator using either our DL-M manual control system or our DL-P40 computer controlled system. See pages 13 to 17 of the brochure for further details.
DL-CP250 Pinned climbing jack used for lifting a 'rising factory' for precast concrete building construction.
2 x DL-CP125 Pinned climbing jacks used for transverse skidding of a strand jack carriage on a bridge erection gantry.
DL-CP150 Pinned climbing jack used for longitudinal movement of a bridge deck erection gantry.
4 x DL-CP600 Pinned climbing jacks used for lifting a petrochemical vessel.
Pinned Climbing Jack Lifting sequence
Pinned Climbing Jack Lowering sequence