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DLT Hydraulic Power Packs
We produce a wide range of diesel and electrically powered hydraulic power packs with either fixed flow or variable flow for both 300 bar and 700 bar jacking systems, ranging from single outlet light and portable units up to large diesel powered high-flow multi-oulet units. All our power packs are built from the highest quality components and are rigorously tested and certified to 125% of working pressure
prior to dispatch form our works. Each power pack comes complete with a fixed control panel to operate the connected jacks, as well as an integrated control cabinet that can be connected to both our DL-M manual and DL-P40 computer control systems for central monitoring and control of all jacks and power packs by one operator.
DL-S1022 strand jacks (1022 tonnes safe working load per jack)
The main features of our standard power packs are as follows :
  • Rugged construction to withstand handling on site. All components are housed within a strong steel crash frame with forklift handling points incorporated into the base and lifting lugs mounted at the top. Quick release couplings are mounted within a recess to avoid being damaged during handling and all sides are fully enclosed with lockable doors for access to the control system and for servicing.
  • Designed and manufactured to European standards and tested and certified to 125% of safe working pressure
  • Designed for transport in standard shipping containers
  • Quality piston pumps used for the main outlets to provide long life and constant flow over a wide pressure range.
  • Quick release hose couplings
  • Separate off-line cooling and filtration circuit for high oil flow and low pressure through the main filter and air blast cooler. This arrangement has proven to to be more effective and reliable than in-line cooling and filtration systems.
  • Local control panel for operating the connected jacks plus an integrated control cabinet for central control using our DL-M and DL-P40 control systems. Our latest power packs come fitted with sensors for oil temperature, oil level, oil pressure and also have a remote motor start/stop facility.
  • Emergency stop system to cut power to all motors on all power packs with a dedicated electrical line that is separate from the DL-M and DL-P40 control data cables.
  • Corrosion protection system suitable for use in a marine environment
  • Suitable for use with both mineral and biodegradable oils
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