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DLT Bridge Construction Equipment
Many of the world's major bridges have been constructed using DLT Engineering bridge erection equipment. We provide bridge construction equipment for lifting, launching, transport and final erection of heavy components for all types of bridges including :
  • Suspension bridges
  • Cable stayed bridges
  • Precast concrete full span box girder viaducts
  • Steel box girder bridges
Each piece of equipment is designed specifically to meet the requirements of each project, and to arrive at the most cost effective overall solution when considering the cost of the equipment, the erection schedule, the labour required to operate, the erection loads on the permanent works and future re-use value.
We offer a complete design and supply service, with site supervision to assist and train our client's site team to assemble, commission, operate and maintain the equipment. The following is a list of the equipment we can supply :
  • Bridge Deck Erection Gantries (Launching girder, launching gantry) Read more »
  • Straddle carriers for casting yards and fabrication yards Read more »
  • Transporters for movement over land and bridge decks Read more »
  • Strand jacks for lifting and launching operations Read more »
  • Skidding systems for bridge side shift operations Read more »
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