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PTSC Weighing System, Vietnam
In March 2014 DLT Engineering supplied a 3600 tonne capacity computer controlled weighing system to Petro Vietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) through Phong Viet. The system consists of 4 No 600 tonnes DL-WJ600 and 4 No 300 tonnes DL-WJ300 weighing jacks, all synchronised, controlled and operated by a single operator using our proven DL-P40 computer control system. The jacks were provided with load cells and the overall accuracy of the system was less than 0.5%. The jacks were also provided with the provision of pooling, so that two jacks of different capacities can be placed close to each other during operation. Our Engineer provided training and certified PTSC personnel on Operation and Maintenance of the system. The first operation for the weighing of PTSC MC Golden Lion Jacket was successfully carried out in the presence of a DLT Engineer in April 2014 at PTSC offshore yard, Vietnam. Trained PTSC Personnel were able to use the system themselves to carry out the second operation in May 2014. To date they have performed many operations using this weighing system.

Golden Lion Jacket at PTSC Offshore yard, Vietnam

DL-WJ Weighing Jacks installed under the jacket

Jacket lifted on the jacks over load cells

Testing of Jacks at PTSC Offshore yard before the weighing operation

Training of PTSC Engineers and Technicians at PTSC offshore yard, Vietnam

Classroom Training by DLT Engineer at PTSC's premises
DL-WJ600 Weighing Jacks

DL-P40 Computer Control System during weighing operation

Weighing team at PTSC offshore yard